Mommy Fausnaugh

Today I will start a blog, about life. I already have my blog site  Mommy Fausnaugh but rarely have time to update. Hopefully focusing on everyday life will help me keep going.

First and foremost, I am thankful to God that he practically put my dream job in my lap! I’ve ALWAYS loved makeup, skincare, body care and personal care. I had no idea you could make money with a business like this, and I was, at first, determined not to! I wanted to share my knowledge with people! 

Gig had bigger plans for me, soon I became a senior sales consultant, and am not me a team leader. I hope to go far with the company and make everyone feel pampered. God gave me the desire to learn, and learn a lot, and I intend to pass it on and help people because I am thankful he gave me something that was already a passion in my life. Best decision I have ever made as far as being an entrepreneur!

I have so much knowledge in my head and it’s time to get it out. So many memories I don’t want to forget.

I am a firm believer in using safe products with no phthalates, no PEG’s, gluten free, and natural that will not add harm to my family. My lemongrass website is Lemongrass Clean (click to shop) also my Facebook page is Fausnaugh’s Lemongrassclean (like my page and the more participation we get the more giveaways I give!!) you can also follow me on Instagram at Lemongrassclean.

 My family and their health are BEYOND important and my 1st priority as being a mom, wife and teacher of my daughter.  I want her to make great choices when she grows up as she learns by example.

I got married in May 2009, image by Caroline Bebe One Six Photography

 and had a beautiful, spunky, happy daughter in August 2010.

  Photo by One Six Photography

  At the hospital

  Daddy and Daughter

  Photography by Fausnaugh Photography

  One six. photography


 When I met my husband I wasn’t sure how I ever lived my life without that love! Then when I had my daughter I knew they were 2 totally different, unconditional loves. My God has blessed me and I don’t deserve all he’s given me. This is my about me page, so I’d also like to add these:

I started homeschooling my daughter last year for kindergarten, we start 1st grade soon!

I also have another side venture that I honestly never dreamed I’d love…. But being the type to never accessorize, I signed up to be a Chloe and Isabel Merchandiser in November 2015. Needless to say my posts and learning and sharing will be random, but I think you’ll enjoy them!  Check out some jewelry in my boutique at  Jaime’s Jewels