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Safe skincare, personal care and cosmetics for the entire family. Learning to eat better foods with no GMO’s Monsanto is evil! Learning to make my own household cleaners. Wife, Mother, homesch…

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I have been blessed with a wonderful husband, beautiful Daughter and the best family ever! I started my journey with Lemongrass Spa.... with Gods help. I have always had a passion for skincare, makeup, body products, essential oils... It's just that nobody ever told me about the chemicals. I have been researching every spare minute I have, and hopefully will be able to share some of the info I have learned, and also some of the products we offer. I am BEYOND thankful that while, even though I was 38 when I found this out... more importantly I will be able to raise my daughter with KNOWLEDGE about so many things. Speaking of knowledge, we are about to finish up kindergarten! I am homeschooling, and so far...while I miss the play time we used to enjoy.. I wouldn't have it any other way! I also started a new venture in Nov '15 and became a merchandiser for Chloe+Isabel. The quality was what got me... because there is LITERALLY NO WAY... I would be able to home school, I have also been full time at Delta for 18 years, succeed far beyond my expectations at sharing my passion for helping others with Lemongrass... ATTEMPT to see my husband on the weekends, AND while I was never one to accessorize.... slowly but surely... I liked it. It made me feel more confident. This blog will cover so many topics. If you have any requests, please let me know!
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